With reference to me,

The first word in the Islamic holy book, the Quran, is Ibadat.

This, too, is my name. 

‘Ibadat’ itself means ‘prayer’:

an act of worship, a connection to one’s faith,

More than that, it symbolizes hope.

I believe in the power of hope. 

Hope keeps me going – awaiting the challenges that lie ahead. 

I was born in Punjab, India. 

Also known as the Land of the Five Rivers. 

On the northwestern side of India lies a state filled with hospitable people, fields of canola and a vibrant culture. 

I am a proud Punjabi,

Even though I am more than ten thousand kilometers away from Punjab, my vibrant motherland will always hold a special place in my heart.

My culture is embedded within me. 

Whether this is through Bhangra – a popular folk dance – or through making traditional dishes, 

I am distinguished by the geography of the Land of Five Rivers.

Hope leads you to a new place,

Similar to following a fast moving current or through the bustling streets of a city, 

Hope allows you to look towards the future.

It allows you to have a sense of order from the disorder around you.

Organized chaos.

Especially during the troubling times of the COVID-19 pandemic,

We all need to face our day with wishes and aspirations.

My aim for this blog is to connect.

Whether that be to connect with myself, with others or even connect with my writing a little more,

It will be a pop of yellow.

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  1. avishisharma

    While reading your About Me, it granted me the ability to understand who you truly are as a person. I was able to understand things that are very important to you, like you culture, which gives me an insight into your ideological perspectives as well. I thoughly enjoyed how you chose to strucutre your writing and included images that related to it. By doing this, you were able to give your writing a sense of uniqueness that stands out to a reader. With this, I believe that throughout this piece, you shared an abundance of facts that make you who you are. Instead of it being too much, I think you were able to find a perfect balance of sharing all these facts without it being to chaotic, deeply reflecting your blog title.

    To improve, I suggest that you add translation sentences from one topic to the next as it can allow for a better flow to your writing.

    I am genuinely looking forward to reading your future work.
    Kind regards,

    • ibadatwarring

      Dear Avishi,

      Thank you for your kind words. I will try to add a flow to my writing as we progress through this course. I also look forward to reading the pieces you write in the future!



  2. cinlestial

    Dear Ibadat,

    While reading your “About Me” writing piece, I was amazed at how you managed to connect almost every aspect of your blog to yourself and your writing. Every part of your blog is obviously chosen for a specific reason that tells its own story. It truly amazes me. I seriously wished I was that dedicated.

    I feel as if I know you on a more deeper and personal level after reading your writing. I, also, am a proud introvert that overthinks everything. The usage of images was clever and added more depth and meaning to what you were trying to display within your “About Me”. The structure of your writing was simple yet impactful to read. Overall, I really enjoyed this!

    My one criticism would probably be based around flow and structure. It can be a bit choppy at times, when a smooth flow of reading is key. The grammar and sentence structure could definitely be improved.

    I can’t wait to see how your writing improves throughout the semester!


    • ibadatwarring

      Hi Cindy,

      Thank you for your feedback! As you are an experienced student in this course, your positive feedback has given me a little confidence boost! I also think I can improve on structure and flow, especially because writing isn’t something I do very often. I will try my best to incorporate your feedback into my next post. I as well look forward to reading your pieces this semester!



  3. aakashminhas16

    Dear Ibadat,

    This blog post was an informative piece of writing that gave me insight to unknown facts about you. Specifically, the part where you revealed that you were born in Punjab. While reading this I was moved by the way you talked about hope. It really made me believe that there is always a rainbow after every storm.

    Through your post I was able to realize just how valuable Punjab is in our growth and identity. I have only been to Punjab once in my life, yet your post made me feel more connected than ever.

    Thank you for sharing your take on experiences you faced.

    ~ Aakash

    • ibadatwarring

      Hi Aakash,

      Thank you for your kind words! I think it is important for one to stay connected with their culture, hence why it made up a good chunk of the piece. I also agree with how you compared hope to the rainbow after every storm because I never thought of it like that.

      I look forward to reading your work in the future!



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